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available now: glass pendants, dichroic jewelry, stingray handcuffs


available soon:  leather wristbands, leather belts, braided paracord bracelets, dog leashes, horse reins


Every single piece has been created and handcrafted in my studio. Whenever possible, I'm using supplies made in the USA or sold by USA suppliers.


Gabe Unlimited gifts can also be seen at various craft shows in the Denver area. A list of events will be posted soon.


This website will be updated and expanded on a weekly basis. If there are any issues with this site, please email me. 


Thank you for visiting my giftshop and I hope to see you again soon.



owner and creator of gifts for gabe unlimited


IMPORTANT: in case your order needs to be send to different address then listed on your shopping cart, please use the link "request gift/wishlist" to contact me. thank you.



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handcrafted glass pendants, leather and paracord gifts
gabe unlimited studio


gabe unlimited - studio for handcrafted glass pendants, tooled leather, paracord gifts